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The MENA Policy Hub’s mission is to inspire policy and governance innovations that reinforce democratic values, and universal human rights. We serve as a collaboration hub for the development of norms, guidelines, and laws that enhance freedom, security, and prosperity. The bottom line question that guides this initiative is how do youth can help governments establish governance norms, policies, and processes that allow citizens and society to reap the upside benefits of public policies.

Building evidence-based policy

Our main field of work, is to democratize critical sense and develop a new generation of policy leaders with facts focused analysis. This goal is achieved through a three-step process :

Cascade trainings

These workshops are focused on simplifying policy concepts. Our trainees are supported by coaches specialized in policy analysis, and dedicated courses are also offered in leadership and debate techniques.

Policy incubator

This program brings trainees and researchers together with public, private and civil society partners to develop innovative, practicable solutions to the concerns of citizens, government, and business.

Sharing days

In order to carry the youth voice, sharpen their debating skills, and raise awareness about the need for youth engagement, we organize seminars that bring together trainees and stakeholders.

People who talk about us

They are analysts, researchers and leaders, they rub shoulders with us and testify to the quality of our work.

Niccolo Milanese

Chair @ The European Alternatives

YAANI has accompanied participants through several stages from first contact with policy analysis, to learning some of the basic concepts and tools, to applying those tools in individual and group research, giving public presentations and meeting other policy researchers and organisations both in Morocco and the UK. The MENA Policy Hub association established by some of the first YAANI alumni in 2012 has accompanied the program throughout and has grown considerably in its membership, in its capacities for training and analysis and in its contacts and reputation throughout Morocco and more widely over the years…

Joseph hivert
Professor @ Mulhouse Univ

Pierre Tainturier
Sociologist @ CNAM

The quality of writing, analysis, synthesis, argumentation and proposal is on the whole very high, demonstrating the strong skills of the members of the MENA Policy Hub because of:

– Training received in the framework of international cooperation;
– Their level of study in general and the professional position of some of them …

Claire Spencer

Head, Middle East and North Africa Programme @Chatham House, London

As an offshoot of the initially-regionally focused YAANI programme, the MENA Policy Hub has established itself as a point of reference for fine-tuning and exploring new ideas, even though, they are aware, the readiness of Morocco’s decision-makers to absorb and act on what emerges is still subject to much older and established ways of doing business in the public policy sphere.

From small beginnings, however, often surprising things result, and understanding how the networks of local and national policy-making actually function is part of an apprenticeship that seeks to establish the legitimacy of a wider civic participation in public life in addition to influencing its focus and outcomes…


Country Director @ British Council Morocco

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